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02 February 2019

Posted by Sophie Jones

Typing up Tudor Tours

15-18 Age Group, 5 Attending

In our penultimate session working on the Tudor Tours scripts, the Young Writers finalised their character choices, found out some more about Tudor House from a former employee, and started typing up their final scripts. We also found some fun Tudor insults, including:

Cumberworld - someone who is so useless, they just serve to take up space

Dalcop - cop is an old word for the head, making a dalcop (literally a dullhead) a particularly stupid person. You could also be a harecop, or a hare-brained person.

Dorbel - as well as being another name for a nincompoop, a dorbel is a petty, nit-picking teacher.

Driggle-draggle - an untidy woman

Fopdoodle - an insignificant or foolish man

Gnashgab - someone who only ever seems to complain.

Loitersack - an idling lazy good-for-nothing.

Lubberwort - a lethargic, fuzzy-minded person.

Scobberblother - someone who never works hard.

Skelpie-limmer - a badly behaved child.

Snoutband - someone who constanty interrupts a conversation, typically only to contradict or correct someone else.

Stampcrab - a heavy-footed clumsy person.

Whiffle-whaffle - an indecisive, time-wasting ditherer.

Look out for these insults, which sound like they come straight from the mouth of the BFG, in the Terrific Tudor Tours at Tudor House on 6th April!


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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