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01 October 2022

Posted by Beth McKeeman

We let Our Talents Glisten

Juniors - 8 Young - 14

It’s important that we own the space we write in, whether that be our own minds, a notebook, a corner of a room, or a writing group.

This week, both groups thought about what they wanted to get out of our sessions and how best to achieve that.

The Junior Writers decided on the guidelines:

We will be good and nice.
We will be encouraging, complimentary, and supportive of each other and each others writing. Even if we don’t like their ideas, we won’t be mean.
We don’t judge people about their writing.
We will respect each other, the facilitators, the equipment and the room.
We listen, to each other and to the facilitators.
When we want to talk we put our hands up.

The Young Writers manifesto is pictured below and includes similar ideas of listening and respecting each other.

It was fun being in a completely different space with the Young Writers. Changes of scenery and writing positions can adjust how you look at the world. Bouncing our names around in the corridor before sitting on the floor of Studio 3 gave us a different creative feel to work in.

The Junior Writers remained in our usual room to tackle nature poems. The Lost Words competition challenges 7-12 year olds to create an acrostic of their favourite animal or plant. I learnt a lot about bamboo from Eliza and we researched the weight of elephants and species of penguins for other poems around the table.

If you wish to enter, Junior Writers will be submitting the entries as a group. Please send a jpeg or pdf file by 22nd October 2022 to give us time to collate these.

For those writers who created poems during the session, read aloud over what you’ve done. Check everything sounds how you want it to sound. When you are satisfied, write it up neatly, maybe draw a picture at the side, and take a picture.

I can’t wait to see all your creations.

Young Writers Manifesto for the group


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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