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08 May 2023

Posted by Alice Flynn & Emma Scattergood

Creative Writing: Fun Facts, Diverse Voices and Different Perspectives

Did you know Kirsty has seven tortoises? That she loves her sisters so much that she dreams of them?


This is what Kirsty shared in the creative writing session at Poole library.


When we put pen to paper, all sorts of wonderful details, heartfelt sharing and interesting memories, moments and insights arise. Through creative writing, we offer others a window into our worlds, life as we experience and see it. We share what matters to us or what is present for us. In many ways, creative expression also supports our wellbeing, too. We express what’s inside, we process what is arising in life and we also play! And the reader is touched by this sharing, in turn.


This is why we are so excited to read your stories, memories and moments of life in BCP. We’ve heard from people in recovery who are still discovering what home could mean for them, having moved to the area to heal from addiction. We’ve heard from people of multiple nationalities, exploring what belonging means to them when they live in neither of the countries their parents are from, sharing their experience as a person of colour in BCP.


In open sessions, we have had someone who identified as an ‘urban liver’, with no fixed abode, sharing a poem about a peaceful moment eating cake in the sunshine in Bournemouth town centre. We’ve been touched by your poems: stories of falling in love at the beach or, of loss, grieving a loved one, yet feeling them close while walking familiar routes.


What’s clear is that we never really know what is happening for anyone at any time. These shared stories invite compassion and spacious patience: let’s meet each other as we are – without projecting our own stories onto others. Sharing our stories invites understanding and connection. This creates community. Let’s celebrate the connections and community we share here at BCP. Please send us a story or poem about what, where or who in BCP has meaning for you and why. We’d love to hear from you!


You can email us via stories@artfulscribe.co.uk or download the activity pack from our blog page. Why not enter our competition before the 21st July, 2023? The first prize is £50 of book vouchers. Here’s the link to the pack and competition:



Thank you to Arts Council England and BCP Council for making the Stories From Our Streets ArtfulScribe project possible and accessible to all! 


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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