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23 November 2023

Posted by Susmita Bhattacharya

Mythical Monsters

Artwork by Namay Patel

We looked at creating mythical monsters and getting them involved in an adventure story.

Here are some of the stories written by the Junior Writers' Club:

My Adventurous Day

Let me tell you about my adventurous day

It all started when I was on my journey to Alaska. I was going there to see my family. All of a sudden, a giant dark figure came to my sight. I couldn't really see much as it was the night, however I could make out that whatever this thing was, It was very large. It was the most unsual thing I had ever seen. It smelt of what seemed to be sand. Before all of this had even happened, I remembered that one of my villagers from my town spread rumours about this place. He said " I've seen a very large, tall black and green monster lurking in the shadows." I knew that at that very moment he would've been talking about the one that was infront of me...

I wanted to know more about this very "unusual" creature. I came close, as close as I possibly could go to find more. It was green and black, just like the villager told us. Spotty with 3 ears and had 1 great big eye. I had heard the other day there was a newly discovered species of bears. Could this possibly be that? I had never seen a bear in real life but I knew how it  looked. It had to be that bear.

And that is how my day was. 


The Sigben and the man

Once upon a time, a man embarked on a journey to the Mindanao

islands in the Philippines. He saw a monster and…

The man yelled. He had just realized he was in an odd, peculiar

dream. After, the man ate his breakfast, very slowly, but peacefully.

Let me just tell you about this ‘man’. His name was Mickey DeYoung.

He is 23, has 2 kids and a wife. He is an explorer and an internet

blogger. For his morning routine, he eats 6 scrambled eggs and does

3 hours of exercise. He was going somewhere new, the Philippines.

Not just the Philippines, the Pilipino islands of Mindanao. So, get

ready, to embark on an adventurous journey. Who knows, he might

even see a monster.

From Heathrow Airport he went all the way to the Philippines, with

two pit stops which was exactly 19 hours. 19 hours later, he reached

the Laguindingan Airport.

Then, he arrived on the island of Mindanao and set his sleeping bag

to get ready for the eerie night ahead of him.

Exactly, 11:27pm, he heard a ‘rustle, rustle’ noise behind him. He

brought out his flashlight to see what was there. He silently swore,

like an intercontinental ballistic missile being shot to his mouth. The

rustling stopped, and he sighed a breath of relief. But as he walked

directly to his tent, he felt something blubbery in front of him. He

looked up, and he saw a terrifying, haunting monster. He saw that…

It was a Sigben! What he knew about them was that they lurk in

victims of their shadows to devour humans’ flesh. Luckily, this man

wasn’t just an ordinary person. He knew all the weaknesses and

attacking, counter-attacking strategies too. The Sigben growled with

a fierce roar that made the leaves of the trees fly away. The man got

into a very long fight with the Sigben, but we’ll skip that. They fought

for one and a half hour until the Sigben died.

One and a half hour later, the man was sweating, drool coming out

of his mouth as if he was about to vomit. The man shrieked in victory

as the rest of the night and then, he had the most wonderful sleep

for the rest of the night. Then, he decided that he would go back on

the plane to visit his family again.

The aeroplane had two stops during the flight, so in total, the flight

was 22 hours. He reached his family back in Hounslow, and he

decided to tell everyone about his abnormal adventure.

- Ansh 


“Oh great, the sign points to north,” I exclaimed glumly, “We’ve been going the wrong

way!” Dad chuckled. He ruffled my hair as we followed the trail into the forest. We

had been out all day, trying to a good camping spot but it had started to get chilly,

and night was arriving. I glanced behind myself for a moment, hearing a rustle in the

bushes. Surely it couldn’t be real, could it?

Wandering in the darkness, I heard a petrifying scream. My torch flickered rapidly.

Fur brushed past my skin. I could hear heavy breaths getting closer and closer.

Then, without a care in the world, I shot off, tears welling up in my eyes. I wanted to

shout but I knew I would be dead meat if I did. The rumours were true. Lurkers.

A hand grabbed my shoulder aggressively, pulling me. It clamped my mouth shut.

The last thing I would see would be the bloodshot eyes of a Lurker, glaring, staring

deep into my soul. My muffled voice helplessly called out to those who listen. But it

was no use. The hand’s grip tightened as someone whispered into my ear, “Don’t

move, don’t say a thing or we’ll both be found...”

My mind raced. Had I been caught? Or had someone heard me and come to my

rescue? What about Dad? A bright light blinded me. A person stood in front of me,

torch in hand. Many emotions rushed into my head. Anger, fear, sadness, confusion.

“Well, I think it’s gone. Better find shelter though just in case. Have everything you

need?” he asked in a cheery tone. I stood there, gobsmacked.

After a while, I finally got used to the fact that I was stuck in a forest with some

random hunter. I wasn’t going to leave like this. So what if I had a little setback? So

what if I couldn’t find Dad? I was in a huge panic now. I didn’t want a miserable life

like that. A distant howl made me come back to my senses. At this point, I just

needed to escape.

- Shree

The Owl

I went camping all by myself and the day started of well. I built my tent, I found a clean water source and even started a warm fire. It was time for bed however I smelt something bloody.  As I quickly but cautiously went closer, I saw the most dreadful,  dangerous,  worst  creature you would ever want to see on a camping trip the mythical Owl. It has 2 one metre wings, bloody teeth and worst of all its Owl army. One single strike of its fatal claws you are done. It started to squeal and  I gulped. It had seen me as I retreated back to my camp. I was surrounded by its army. One of them striked but I somehow dodged it. On the inside I was petrified but on the outside I had to brave. I saw the biggest wings in my life it was mythical Owl.  I had nothing on me not even a stick. My heart pounded. The Owl was already about to strike but I managed to skim it across my neck. After that the Owl squeaked and it returned back with its army. I felt joyful,  jubilant,  happy and delightful.

- Namay


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