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09 March 2022

Posted by Susmita Bhattacharya

Adventure Stories

12 attending

Image by Diptanshu

Today was a day for telling stories. The Junior Writing Club members love to share interesting stories about things that happened in school that day, any exciting trips they'd been to, interesting family events.

So we decided to write an adventure story, based on a series of prompts to create a magical land, a hero, a villain and the hero overcoming their problem. We took help of the story mountain method to create our stories.

Here are some of the stories:

Deskum by Alice


Holly was a brave, resourceful and intelligent young girl. She lived in a land called Deskum.  Deskum is a very unusual land where everything is made of paper. This, you may be thinking, is not natural and you are quite right. This land was made of paper from a curse put on the land like a weight on your shoulders. The curse, of course, was magic and could only be performed by a highly talented witch or wizard. This particular curse was performed by a very talented wizard, one that could not be defeated. But I must not get carried away. At this particular moment in the story we are discussing Holly and Deskum, not wizards performing evil curses on unusual lands. 

Holly was quietly sitting at the table in the dining room whilst her father absent-mindedly drank his morning coffee as he read the daily newspaper. Holly’s dad was of an odd type, one that never put on the television or even simply flick a lightswitch. One that was afraid of electronic devices and was worried at the most unlikely things, while the ones that were actually important were bottom of his important list. Holly wanted desperately to defeat the evil curse hanging over the land like an umbrella over the infamous land of Deskum. She knew she must break the evil wizard’s staff in two pieces in order to do this. The notorious wizard lost the powers in his blood years ago in a great war of wizards. The only magic he now had left was a very powerful staff known as the ‘Tornado’. The wizard was selfish, greedy and ruthless to everyone but Carlvento, his pet raven. The power-thirsty wizard’s name was Volmordoro, Doro for short. 

One day, Holly went for a meander in Fangclaw Forest. She decided to go a little off-track and explore. She found a very long, very thin stick with strange, spirally patterns engraved all over it. When she found it, it was lying precariously against an old oak tree. Holly thought it was fun to have walking sticks on long or even short hikes, a game she had always enjoyed playing with her father. “I bet I beat you this time!”  she muttered under her breath. Even though she wanted to get the best walking stick and beat her dad, Holly was sensible and she realised that the pretty stick was far too tall for her. Holly decided that she was probably going to have to snap the stick in half, or maybe even into quarters, in order to make it the right height for her. 

“Caaa, caaa!” Holly looked up.  Above her, a big black blob. A raven, she realised. The raven swooped down, landing on Holly’s shoulder. “Caaaaa!” it said, this time taking the effort to do it right in Holly’s ear. “Carlvento” it said, cocking its head to one side and looking Holly right in her left eye. “What did you say?” she asked after a tedious and dramatic pause. Holly found herself wondering why she was asking a raven what it had said. “Ravens can’t speak!” she told herself firmly. “Carlvento,” repeated the raven. Holly pinched herself. ‘Carlvento’- the name seemed vaguely familiar. She shrugged, raised her eyebrows and brushed the raven half-heartedly off her shoulder. She went back to her task, snapping the stick in two. She threw it on the floor, lifted her foot ready to snap it and “CAAAAAA”, the raven swooped in taking the stick in its beautiful, silver beak! But Holly knew a trick. She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out the cereal oats she had saved as a snack for later. She scattered the oats on the ground where the raven could see them. As she had suspected, the raven swooped down and greedily took the cereal oats, taking the time and effort to peck up every single crumb. Holly took her chance to shimmy up the tree the raven had left the stick in to retrieve the beautifully patterned stick. She slid quickly back down the big oak tree, making a note of thanks to her younger self, who had always enjoyed climbing trees as a hobby in her spare time. 

Whilst the raven pecked up the remnants of his unexpected but tasty meal, Holly took the opportunity to snap the stick in half. I may as well keep both halves thought Holly to herself. She snapped it in half. There was a loud cracking sound, followed by an eerie silence and ending with a flash of bright green light. Holly squeezed her eyes tightly shut in panic and fear. When it was all over, Holly dared to open her right eyelid a tiny crack. 

She looked around her. 

She blinked and looked again. 

It was the same. 

At her feet lay the sticks two forlorn pieces, the patterns gone. The raven too, was gone. But what made Holly’s feelings twist into a knot in her stomach was the fact that everything was real.  She took a big, gorgeous breath of the clean, fresh air. Around her, the fragrant, blossoming cherry tree waved its branches at Holly as if in greeting. The plants around her were green.  

She ran home and, panting, told her mum and dad the whole story. Immediately after she finished speaking, her mum called the police, a big smile on her face as she told them everything that had happened. A few hours later, a massive party was held in the field in the centre of Deskum. Everyone was invited. Holly was offered a grand medal, but she turned it down generously.

The Magic Pearl by Stuti

One sunny morning in Carius, Queen Titania was sitting in her palace made of flowers and picking them. Tinkle, the little princess, was in her house were nearly everything was made of flowers. She got her rainbow flower hair clip and clipped it on her hair. She wore a white dress with a white transparent cloak on top of it. She lived in a a vast flower covered house and it was very pretty. Tinkle dressed up for Queen Titania's pearl jubilee. They were inviting everyone for a magnificent party. 

Soon, it was evening and it was time to celebrate the magical pearl jubilee(which was Queen's 30th birthday). There, Tinkle talked to guests about how she wanted to turn a few plants in wheat and crops for food. Later that evening you would see her dance. 

Queen Titania gave her permission to do it but she couldn't. On Monday, she got a bucket of cold water. On Tuesday, she turned into a bird. On Wednesday, she was busy as she was attending junior writer's club. On Thursday, she again turned into a bird. But, she had her chance on Friday. On Friday, it was her birthday and she turned 16. Sweet 16. On that day she had done it. She got a wishing pearl(which was a gift from her parents). Then, she got the magic pearl and with that she smashed the evil magic stone. Half of the stuff turned into wheat and crops. Tinkle had done it. She got an award fom Queen Titania as now they had enough food in the kingdom. They lived happily ever after.

The Singer and the Brave Composer! by Arsh



Once, there was a town called Singingvile where the ruler of this town was called Rick. He could rickroll anyone who were not doing their tasks. His second stat is he can sing very good.

From, a different village Rick had a brave, tall and funny enemy… Brave Brian. Brave Brian wants to deliver the composers and reign as a better singer. Every day, every night he dreamt of singing in Singingvile… Until one day. He slept in his bed, then the shouting singer woke him up.


“BRAVE BRIAN, BRAVE BRIAN!” the shouting singer said. 

“What is it?” Brave Brian yawned.

“THERE IS A REGION WANTING A SINGING BATTLE WITH US!” the shouting singer replied.

“WHAT?!” Brave Brian replied as he walked up to the window.


“May Brave Brian present himself to me at once!” Rick demanded. 

“I am Brave Brian!” Brave Brian replied heroically.

“My Brave Baka in shining armour,” Lene muttered.

“I will sing battle you, Rick! But only for the sake of my village,” the Brave Baka replied heroically.

“Get the instruments and the composers!” the other composer shouted! 

“Bring it on!” Rick said.

“With pleasure!” Brave Brian replied!

And so, they fought in a sing battle with each other.


6 hours later… the singing battle ended, and Brave Brian won!

Brave Brian won and restored the composers of Singingvile

Later, Lene and Brave Brian got married.

“Prepare for the ceremony!” the Pope shouted.

Then, they lived happily ever after! The end :)


Kingsland, The Magical Place by Diptanshu

Kingsland is a magical place. It is divided into four indigenous groups. Civil, Mesopotamian, Stark and the Ravelin army. Our story starts at the Mesopotamian army.

Kingsboy is the leader, or you may call him the prince. He was quite young at that time, about 25 years old. His enemy were the Ravelins. Their army controlled the Mesopotamians.

Rastaking was his main enemy. As you might have guessed, he was the leader of the Ravelins.

He was cruel and heartless. Rastaking had the devil’s soul and a devil’s heart.

Kingsboy was secretly planning a way to get rid of the Ravelins until an idea struck his mind. He could have had his army to do a rally, while he would kidnap Rastaking and take him to KIngsboy’s high security prison.

He carried out his plan on a rainy night. He told his army to get into positions. Kingsboy snuck into the throne room. He told the chief of his army to rally right at that exact moment. Once they had started protesting, kingsboy knocked out Rastaking. He handcuffed him and put him on the chariot. With that, the army went back to their palace with no one following Kingsboy.

Rastaking was sent to jail and there was nothing he could do about it. On the other hand, the Mesopotamians were finally free.


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