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30 October 2023

Posted by Tabby Hayward

Spooky Screenplays

For Halloween week, we had to have some spooky prompts! 

To begin, everyone shared the least spooky place they could think of, from ice cream parlours to cupcake shops, the beach to a flower shop - and then everyone had to pick one of these locations and write a description to make it spooky! Here is Reina's description below:


This is the ideal place to be. Burying my toes in the sand. The sun on my chest. It's so bleeding bright not even my glasses are blocking the sunlight. I'm in a place I can't pronounce and I can finally concentrate on my thriller novel with the absence of screaming children whining to their mothers about the sea water in their eyes. All I hear is the sea crumple as it scrunches itself into the shore. A rustle of leaves behind me... but, no wind? I bought this island because no one knows it exists... There it is again! Now this time with the rhythmic beats of my heart that is becoming very prevalent. It's annoyingly loud, actually, because I now can't hear where the rustles are coming from. I lift myself up to look around but I'm so blind from the sun that the shadows of the forest behind me looks pitch black. No, fuck, that black shadow is a person.   

By Reina

Next, we read the opening of the iconic Doctor Who episode 'Blink' - as inspiration for our own spooky screenplays, set in the location from the warm up exercise, but using the screenplay format and considering pacing and tension.

(Tess’ screenplay attached)


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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