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08 July 2023

What is Pink?

This week’s session of Mayflower Junior Writers was all about
colour, and began with sharing our favourite one, including the fantastic
answer ‘I change my favourite colour every year to try something new.’

We wrote down our favourite colour, and as many things we
could think of that are that colour. For example:

Blue – sky, ocean, my top, the galaxy, a whale

Yellow – ducks, banana, a chick, cheese, melon

Next, we had to think of as many rhymes as we could for our
colour. For example:

Red – head, said, lead, tread, read

Pink – ink, sink, think, link, blink

Then, we imagined five objects that weren’t normally that
colour which could be, and the same again but with five foods, and five things
you find in nature. For example:

Purple – radiator, TV, eyes, hat stand, school bus

Green – beetroot, marshmallow, potato, bubblegum, noodles

Orange – petunia, burnt wood, bumblebbee, sunflower,

Finally, before break, we wrote down 5 words to describe our
colour. For example:

Black – shiny, faded, wonderful, glittery, mysterious

During the break, we were given a wordsearch of colours
which we helped each other to complete.

After this, we went around the room reading two lines each
of the poem ‘What is Pink?’ (see above). We read it aloud again, using our clearest
voices, then once more, asking the question ‘What is…?’ altogether every time.

We then learnt we would be reading the poem again at a
showcase in two week’s time!

We ended the session by writing our own poems about colour, inspired by 'What is Pink?' and using all the different objects, adjectives, and ideas we came up with at the start.


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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