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10 July 2021

Posted by Beth McKeeman

A Spectacular Showcase

Numbers – 8

I don’t have much to say beyond a massive BRAVO.

First and foremost to all our readers this week. It’s a massive thing to be able to stand up in front of people and share your work. Everyone did brilliantly. One of my favourite things about attending readings is to watch audience reactions, especially because it’s hard to take it in when you’re the one reading. I’m delighted to report we had an enraptured audience - and thanks must go out to the friends and family who came to support us despite the current climate we find ourselves in.

It would be remiss not to say bravo to all our writers, however. Not everyone could make the showcase, but it doesn’t mean their input wasn’t as valued. By supporting each other we’ve grown this term, as writers and physically in some cases too if the lack of jumping for the temperature scanner as the weeks progressed is any indication. This past term we’ve moved into our new home and made it our own.

The blogs can only skim the surface of everything that goes on and the atmosphere which everyone brings, though I do hope you’ve had a taste of what it’s been like. If you’ve enjoyed these and have a young person in your life who you think would enjoy writing with us, do get in touch.

We’ve travelled the world this term and opened ourselves up to opportunities, which is immensely brave because putting your work out there can be very vulnerable. Letting me have access to work for the blog and socials week in, week out is no small thing, so praise must be given for that too.

And of course, Susmita, who has guided us through it all, a more wonderful facilitator we could not ask for.

If you missed out on the showcase, or would like a refresher on a little of what went on, the anthology is available to purchase through the Artfulscribe website.

So as we head into the summer holidays, keep writing. Keep us updated on what you’re doing, if you put your work into competitions (and fingers crossed hear back), if there’s any exciting schemes you’ve got brewing. We want to know.

But overall B.R.A.V.O. all.


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Our blogs

Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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