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11 January 2022

Posted by Tabby Hayward

New Year Writing

10 attending

Happy New Year! To kick off 2022, the young writers began by picking a famous character, from a book, film or TV show and deciding what their new year's resolution would be and why, and if they would be able to keep it. Characters ranged from Bob the Builder, Penfold in Danger Mouse, and Maccapacca from In the Night Garden, to Leo's original character (from the Alice in Wonderland workshop) the Didordo:

The Didordo’s New Year Resolution:

Dear Diary,

It felt like an odd day today, I felt as if time had at last
gotten a grip of me (it is normally I who control time, not the other way
around). Being who I am it felt a little strange that a mere idea those humans
seem to abide by I am now also starting to respect. Those thoughts have been
swimming laps around my mind, and as of late (I don’t exactly remember when,
nor do I much care), I have decided I should let the world roam freely from my
grasp, and hopefully the humans won’t make weapons of extreme destruction
before I regain control, realising how dumb of me it must have been to let
anything be done without my knowing. Oh wait…

Next, we looked at the poem 'Burning the New Year' by Naomi Shihab-Nye, and thought about the things we might want to burn, or keep, from 2021. We thought about interesting ways to describe 2021, as a colour, an animal, a food, a kind of weather, a person, or an item of clothing, and things which we are grateful for (even though it was a bit of a weird year!) to start forming into a poem. 

What are three things which happened in 2021 which you are grateful
What are three moments which you would like to keep with
What might you like to burn?
Three wishes for 2022

Here's Gene's lovely poem:

This year has been rough with regulations new rules and
masks that burn your ears,
I want to throw those memories away but there are
ones I want to keep.
I am grateful for new friends and a summer house in my
but for some reason I am more grateful for lockdown.
I loved that I
could stay off school and sleep more in bed,
if only I could live a time loop
then because those memories were the best.
Going to IOW for holiday that sure
was good,
But the thing I am most grateful for was the fact that my mum could


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