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20 February 2023

Posted by Emma Scattergood

Community writing workshops in Christchurch library

SFoS Facilitator Emma Scattergood has spent much of January and February working in

Christchurch library, meeting with local groups who use the spaces there and offering free creative

writing workshops in the mornings and evenings.

Like all the workshops being offered by SFoS across BCP, the library sessions are designed to

suit everyone, regardless of experience. We have a series of four to share (characterisation,

setting, capturing memories and improving story structure) but each stands alone and offers plenty

of inspiration, exercises and tips to develop people’s confidence.

The evening workshops at Christchurch library have proved to be particularly popular and those

attending have created a really positive, supportive and productive space. It has been lovely to

witness those with slightly more experience encouraging the more nervous and seeing all of them

blossom. One participant initially only felt comfortable writing notes in bullet points and was

reluctant to share her thoughts but, by the fourth session, she read her ‘story’ aloud to the group

with a real sense of pride. Another told us how much she enjoyed the short exercises, and that she

had found them more valuable than any other writing class she had tried.

Creating connections

It has also become clear that, although everyone came with an interest in learning about writing,

many were equally driven by a desire to connect with others. Over the weeks, we have certainly seen this in action. At what was supposed to be the

last session, the evening group essentially begged for more(!) so we have offered a further two

workshops to help them fine tune and submit their stories to the community story map.

There has even been some discussion in the group about them continuing to meet and support each other in their writing after the formal workshops end. We are really hopeful this will happen; that the seeds we have sown here will blossom into even greater things.

Further workshops in the Christchurch area

We are now working with Highcliffe Castle, Steamer Point, Stanpit Nature Reserve and

Hengistbury Head, arranging further workshops and pop-up Story Stalls to continue gathering

memories and stories for the community story map.

We want to reach out to everyone across BCP - however old or young - and encourage them to

add their voice, their experiences, their memories to the map. If you can’t come to our events, we

now have a Stories From Our Streets Facebook Page and Instagram account from which there is a

link to a simple, downloadable, story sheet to complete and submit to us by email

( stories@artfulscribe.co.uk ) Or, if it is easier, you can simply drop off a hard copy of your story to

your nearest BCP library. 

Please do follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with all the

SFoS events across the area. And, if you have any queries or would like to discuss working with us

in any way, please get in touch with either Alice or Emma at alice@artfulscribe.co.uk or



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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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