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19 October 2023

Posted by Joanna Barnard

Short Fiction and Micro Fiction

"Reading and listening is breathing in, writing is breathing out."

This week the group looked at 6 poems, three under 250 words and three under 50 words. 

Short Fiction - Under 250 words 

  • With One Wheel Gone Wrong by A. M. Homes 
  • Her Number by Antonya Nelson 
  • On The Train by Lydia Davis
Micro Fiction - Under 50 words

  • Acting by Brock Marchant
  • Living With Anxiety Disorder On A Hot Rainy Day During A Pandemic by Bob Thurber
  • Widows First Year by Joyce Coral Oates
The 'WFW' crew began this session with a free-write inspired by one of the three short fiction poems and ended with the task of creating a Micro Fiction of their own. Samantha has very kindly agreed to share their work.

I am a writer by Samantha Jayne Hunt Stacey
I am writing.
I am thinking.
I am loving.
I am connecting with other people, other writers, with myself.
The words form bonds of understanding, identity, hope.
I write. I breathe.
Reading is breathing in.
Writing is breathing out.
Hugs are a jump start of energy and the fire blanket of calm.
Breath is spirit, spark, imagination.
I breathe the universe in, to give me power, give me ideas, give me life.
I breathe out and give of my ideas, my love, my hope.
I am a part of the universe.
We all are.
We are connected.
We are powerful.
We are the universe.

Cry by Samantha Jayne Hunt Stacey
I will never again say,
that something ‘made me cry.’
People feel uncomfortable, start apologising.
They desperately want you to stop.
‘Don’t cry,’ they blurt out.
As if that ever worked.
And we mumble ‘Sorry.’
Embarrassed and ashamed,
As if it is bad.
I will say,
Thank you, that helped me cry.
Thank you, for being with me while I feel.
Crying helps.
Crying heals.


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