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14 January 2023

Posted by Holly Spillar and Rohan Gotobed

A Labyrinth Adventure and Hollywood Pitches

Junior Writers Explore TWINE LABYRINTH (14th Jan 2023)

After the success of last week's session this week we did more second person adventure narratives.

This time in the form of a game I made for the writers on Twine (a chose your own adventure maker).

Starting inside the labyrinth box from last week the writers had to work together to vote which options on the game they wanted to choose and then complete the writing task linked to their choice.

Here is a photo of the first option

Our writers chose to 'gently feel the wall'.

This choice awoke THE WALL CAT!

They could then choose to either 

Write the wall cat a lullaby to send it to sleep OR make a paper airplane with a message inside and throw their words at the cat.

The writers voted to sing a lullaby.

Here are some of the hilarious songs they came up with. Some of them even performed them out loud.

After performing the lullabys the Wall Cat pretended to be asleep but here's what really happened

(See slide below)

The writers had to come up with powerful and convincing words to get the cat to let them go. The words were so powerful that they stained the cat's fur like ink, even the cat's whiskers were made of words.

Here are some pictures of the word covered Wall Cat.

Finally upon reaching the centre of the maze the writers/explorers were given one final choice.

(See slide below)

The writers chose to rule the kingdom and thus named their kingdoms.

We had Fluffy Kingdom, Sky Kingdom and Kitten Kingdom.

Because we had some time left the writers traveled back in time to see what would happen if they’d chosen another option.

We ended the session by making some paper airplanes.

Young Writers

Our second session of the year and we were focused on films! To begin with, the Young Writers had a very difficult warm-up task. Without using any of the vowels in their first name, they had to write a review of a film they’d watched and enjoyed over the holidays. Naturally this challenged our YWs to consider different words and ways to describe the films they’d seen. 

Moving on, today we welcomed back our resident producer, Holly Wood! She wanted to hear some more pitches from our Young Writers, based off the results of our wheel of fortune… 

Once again, we had some phenomenal ideas: a film about a skeleton and accidental time traveller set on a school bus (which was effectively purgatory); a road movie set across different TV shows; a psychological thriller about an opera singer who believes a construction site is actually her opera house; a murder-mystery set in (our very own) Jasper’s imagination. The writers had to come up with a rough plot for their films, based off random settings, characters, and genre. They also had to decide some exciting titles too.

After presenting their ideas to the rest of the group, Holly and Rohan offered some notes (‘I want to know more about this character’ ‘what happens after this scene’) which forced them to edit their ideas. Before the end of the session, they also had to start writing a component of the film, whether that be a murderer’s confession, a climactic death scene, or the love interest’s goodbye letter. 


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