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13 May 2022

The lost works of Pearl

After some of her work was missed in a couple of recent blogs, I have been promising Pearl a little post to celebrate her lost (and now found) creative writing. There is also a joint poem by pearl and Safir from our Easter session. Enjoy! 

Flash Fiction - by Pearl 

The clockwork figure got closer. The ticking and whirring noises grew louder. An elaborately designed, serrated dagger, with the initials KL on it, pierced through Ingrid’s book. She recoiled in horror; it was too late - the machinery had cornered her. Covered in glistening red, the sword withdrew. Everything went silent…

Easter Bunny Poem - by Pearl and Safir 

The devilish bush stood in the dark corner

Its leaves were grey and silver

It's gnarly branches twisted and turned

ready to pound with its arrow like leaves

Each one poisonous to the touch

And sharper than a knife's blade

The leaves can be ground to make easter egg packaging

which is why the Bunny craves it so much

containing the chocolate like twigs

It stands big and tall

standing in stealth

Standing in death

The Sky 

-By Pearl 


The sky

Is where birds fly 

Big and blue 

Looking down at you 

Caressing the world

Whilst the clouds are being twirled 

The creator of lightning and thunder

A terrifying wonder 

Able to create storms 

That can take several shapes and forms 

Yet beautiful on a hot summer’s day 

Encouraging children to come outside and play 

And ever so bright

Like an everlasting light 

And not to forget 

It's home to the sunrise and sunset 

The sky 

Is where birds fly 

Shaping our landscape 

Acting as a big blue drape


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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