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21 January 2021

Posted by Susmita Bhattacharya

My Family and Other Animals

Today the Junior Writers' Club was buzzing with excitement. We were planning on writing poetry - about our family members! We looked at Jackie Kay's poem, New Baby and the young writers wrote lots of poems about their family members. I loved the ones where they took inspiration from Jackie Kay's poem and imagined themselves as a new baby.

Here are some of their poems. Enjoy!

I am a new baby


My name is Diptanshu Dutt

I am as noisy as a wolf howling

I am as loud as loudspeaker

When I scream, next door rabbit runs away

And their goldfish shivers in fear

I make the windows rattle

And the doors shake

I am so loud I shake them all

Outside everyone complains

The dogs and cats all compete with me

Mr Jones up the street

Says to put tape on my mouth

But I don’t listen

I like being noisy


    - By Diptanshu Dutt

A New Baby Poem


I am a new baby

My name is Stuti

I am as noisy as an elephant and

As loud as thunder and lightning


When I scream

Next door’s rabbit 

Starts to wriggle and shake 

And their goldfish tries to

 jump out of the tank in range


I make the windows shake and break

And the door starts to clatter and blatter

I am so loud

 I make a bit of a matter


Outside everyone closed their ears

The dogs and cats all started to run

Mrs. Jones up the street says, ‘’Oh! Be quiet. ‘’


But I don’t stop crying

I like being noisy as usual

- Stuti Chauhan


Here's one about the whole family by Arsh Agrawal:

Family poem


My dad is very hard working 

He works 10 hours a day 

He is busy on calls with other people  


My mum is very health conscious 

She does exercise everyday 

She maintains her diet like an athlete 


My cousin is really naughty 

He always kicks the ball 

Sometimes I wish he was Renaldo 


My grandpa is always active 

He does thing he should not do 

Tomorrow he will do a video call with me        



Photo of baby by Diptanshu Dutt


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