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08 April 2021

Posted by Susmita Bhattacharya

Adventure Story

We are writing adventure stories for the Wilbur Smith and Niso Foundation Adventure Writing Competition.

Here is the link to the competition:


I can't share any stories now as they will be entered into the competition. Best of luck to everyone entering! 

Here's a lovely story written by Stuti Chauhan. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Rosie. He had a big brother named Fred. Fred was 14 years and Rosie was 11 years old. One day, their Dad Jack said, “I want you kids to go to the animal rescue training station”. I have tickets for 11+. Because of my broken leg, I can’t come to support you but Fred please take care of Rosie. Fred you have to help her. “Dad,” said Rosie, “I am big enough to take care of myself”.

Next morning, Rosie and Fred set off to the animal rescue training station. It was faraway so they had to walk for a few hours. Finally, when they had got there, they took some rest and went to reception of the animal rescue training station. They showed the tickets and got in. 

First the reception lady led them to a room. In the room, there was a short pulp man with a moustache. He said, “Good morning”. I am the assistant of your coach Mr. Carter. My name is Mr. Powerpoint.

“Hello Mr. Powerpoint,” said Miss Remina. “Hello Kids”, I am Miss Remina. Miss Remina was 17 years old. She was a young coach who was the boss of Mr. Carter. Suddenly, Mr. Carter stepped in. Miss Remina glared at him. She smiled and said to Fred, “Come with me”. Mr. Carter hold Rosie’s hand and took her with him. Mr. Carter was 15 years old. Let’s start training said Miss Remina. 

Fred and Rosie trained hard with their coaches. They enjoyed a lot. It was now 3 months since they had been taking training. When they were going to be a fully trained, the next day it was Rosie’s birthday. Mr. Carter, Fred, Mr. Powerpoint and Miss Remina had all been planning a great surprise for her birthday. 

Finally, the day had come when it was Rosie’s birthday. Rosie and Fred were now fully trained. They set off on their first ever mission. It was to rescue a baby hippo that had been stuck in a thick, enormous tree. Their task was to climb the tree and get the baby hippo down. 

Rosie carefully climbed the tree. On the tree, the hippo danced gracefully. Gently, Rosie pushed the hippo and Fred held the colossal net. The hippo bounced onto the net and Fred put the net on the ground. The hippo stood up and ran away. Then, Rosie climbed down the tree safely. 

Then, Miss Remina gave her the surprise gift to Rosie. It was a lovely baby hamster. Rosie thanked them all for the beautiful surprise gift. They all enjoyed together. It was a memorable day for Rosie. 


Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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