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17 October 2023


This Tuesday's session of Mayflower Creative Writers followed on from our session a fortnight ago where we wrote letters from the perspective of our favourite characters.

We started by reading someone else's letter, then wrote a response as our original character (either as if it had been intended for them or received by accident, depending on what we felt made sense). We had 10 minutes.

Moving on, Holly read us a passage from the children's book 'Skeleton Keys: The Unimaginary Friend' by Guy Bass.

Our task was to create a mini halloween-themed zine, to be read by the Lighthouse Young Writers group in Dorset.

To create the zine, we wrote to the following prompts:
- Introduce a child with something in their life they want to improve. (7 minutes)
- There is a sublime weather change. (7 minutes)
- Introduce a spooky friend! (7 minutes)

Our responses to the last prompt included stories about:
- an unnamed small fluffy glowing thing
- a figure with electric blond hair that materialises in the clouds
- a disembodied voice that turns out to be a zombie
- a monster that is in colour while everyone else is in black and white

With ten minutes left, we transferred some of our writing into small blank booklets provided by Holly - to create our Hallowzines!

Mayflower Creative Writers returns on 31st October.


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Our blogs

Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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