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25 February 2021

Posted by Susmita Bhattacharya

The Supporting Act - Writing a story from a film

Last week we watched a really sweet film, Supporting Act, which is available here: 


The Junior Writers' Club members then wrote the story in the own words. Here are some of the stories they wrote:

Maria's Talent Show:

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Maria. She loved dancing and was 9 years old. She went to

primary school. One snowy evening, when the school bell rang Maria’s dad came to pick her up. She

held a poster in her hand. It was a poster about the Christmas talent show. As her dad was about to

glance at it, his phone rang,” Ting Tong”. It was work thought Maria as his dad’s phone rang. She

danced everywhere for the talent show like the kitchen, shop, park, she even danced on the


On the night of the talent show, it was dark and there was a full, bright moon in the sky. She felt

nervous when she peeked out of the curtain. She could see lots of people outside. As the music was

on, she had forgotten all her dance steps. She started whimpering. Suddenly, her dad who was

sitting at the back seat got up and started to do all the dance action. She thought his dad was

dancing with her on the stage and danced. The crowd clapped for her when she finished dancing.

She was happy seeing people clapping for her and her dad was extremely proud of his daughter.

Maria was proud of her Dad.

Story and drawing by Stuti Chauhan

Supporting Act by Diptanshu Dutta

My name is Lyla and I love to dance. I was happily skipping down the stairs of the school because

there is a Christmas talent show in my school and I will be participating in it. As I came down the

stairs my dad tried to hug me but I ran in circles. We both laughed loudly. Then I showed the

Christmas talent show poster to dad. Then his mobile phone vibrated. He got a work related call. I

stared at my dad as he went away. I then put on the headphones and starts dancing everywhere

while dad is working and not paying attention. I started practising dance in the house, in the mall, in

the shop, in my dad’s truck while my dad was working. I then took of my headphone but he had

work to do. I sighed and then I slammed door angrily. The day for which I had been waiting finally

arrives and it’s time for me to perform on the stage. My father started recording on his phone .

Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember a single step. Then dad came out of his chair and showed me

the steps. Then I realised that dad had been watching me. I got the confidence because I think dad is

beside me. On that day I learnt that even that even though it seemed that my father was not paying

attention towards me in reality he cared about me a lot and was watching all the steps very closely.

Christmas Together - Arsh Agrawal

One cold afternoon, as soon as the school bell rang, Rosie, who

is ten, came out dancing to meet her dad. She handed him a

leaflet saying “Christmas Talent Show.” As soon as Rosie gave

the leaflet, dad’s phone rang and he got busy. Rosie gave a sigh

and put on her headphones. She practised the dance day and

night with her dad but he was busy with his work and couldn’t


On the final day, Rosie woke up with full of enthusiasm. She

got ready for the rehearsal and went to her dad’s room with

excitement. He was busy on phone again and requested for a

minute with a gesture. By the time he finished his call, Rosie

already left room in disappointment. On one clear night, when

the bright moon was out, it was the Talent Show night. Rosie

was on stage and ready for dance. She peeped out of the red

curtain and felt nervous after seeing huge crowd. The curtains

opened, everyone was taking photos and videos. Due to

nervousness Rosie forgot her dance moves. Dad walked to the

isle passage and started guiding her from there. Happily, Rosie

followed him and danced without a pause again. The whole

auditorium filled with applaud and cheering for Rosie in the



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