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28 June 2022

Posted by Tabby Hayward


This week, we used colours as inspiration to help us create new characters!


 Walking into the room, all the heads turned.  She strides into the room, a fire raging
around her dress. A crown on her head glowed bright orange a mini fire burning
inside. Every step she took the floor shattered and blistered when she put her
foot down. People ran, fleeing trough every exit there was as she cast her hand
around setting fire to everything. Flames raged through building destroying all
the furniture and melting the metal cameras, but she was not scared as she was
the Ruler – A ruthless egocentric teenager, abandoned by her parents on a way
to World Domination.

Fire raged around the building and then the doors opened,
slowly at first and a teenage boy walked in. He slowly pushed the door closed
making no noise then sat down on a raging fire coved table –extinguishing the
flames. He pulled out his phone, which had a blue case covered in stickers all
linking to peace and mindfulness and started to film. As soon as the flames
came near the table they were extinguished – he filmed this too. He was totally
silent the whole time. Soon, he stood up and spoke for the first time. It
boomed out silencing all the flames. She turned around and pushed her hand out,
but nothing happened. She tried again, but nothing happened. The boy chuckled
and held out his hand saying “It’s no good I’m in charge here. By the way I am
Benjamin but call me benny, what’s your name? “She looked at him oddly the
walked out the door with a swish of her dress signing something with her hands.
She looked back one more time then sashayed down the street continuing with her


Hi, I am Mr.Paeiz and I am 38 years old and I love inventing
things. My personality is related to the colour green because I'm usually calm(
unless I'm having a very VERY bad day) , logical and inventive. My only dream
is that to become more successful in life because I can be quite clumsy


The Merchant Mariner 

He wears a knee length overcoat in Navy blue, with golden
embroidery and golden, fabric buttons, with brown leather shoes. He has short
hair and the face of a kindred elderly man in his mid 60s. Whenever someone or
something angers him, he tries to remain calm and solve issues more
diplomatically, but he is also a very strong man. His family were notorious for
being navy admirals, and therefore he owns many historical steamships and
warships, though he himself is a merchant captain.

It was one sunny day, everything about the Mariner - Topman
rivalry was about to change, but not before it became cloudy. 

“Looks like it might rain Gemma.” he sighed “Damn this
wretched weather, can it not make its mind up?”

“What nonsense are you babbling on about dear, its sunny, rain
doesn’t just magica-” This is the Mariners wife, Gemma, who has just discovered
her plans for the perfect seaside picnic with the family to be soiled on. By
the weather. “Oh for goodness sake, it's like those clouds have been looming
over us for the past week, and just when I thought they might go away. Maybe
I'll just invite them over for dinner?”

“I don’t see why not,”

That was the plan, the plan was doomed of course because
nothing good could ever be done when you have terrible weather and a rivalry
with another major aristocratic family who themselves are not too different
from thunder clouds.

At that particular moment the butler waltzed into the
sitting room, and clear as day said:

“Sir, Topman is here, Fitzgerlad to be precise.”

The Mariners tea was now burning his own lap.


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