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09 March 2024

Posted by Sukie & Claire

Young Writers – Week 9 (The Art of Writing) – Choose Your Own Adventure

Hi Writers!

In this week’s workshop we explored choose your own adventure stories, and had a go at writing our own.

In our check-in, we described our week as a type of Hat:

  • Berry said her week had been a plain hat with weird things on it - an odd one

  • Poppy M described her week as a wide brim hat or clown hat - she’s been hiding

  • Poppy C’s week had been like a glamorous wedding hat - quite nice

In our reading check-in we had a lot of variety again:

  • Poppy C: 2nd Sherlock Holmes book

  • Berry: First Class Murder - murder most ladylike

  • Poppy M: Far from the madding crowd - Thomas Hardy

We read the synopsis of several Choose Your Own Adventure books: Space and Beyond, Journey Under the Sea, and House of Danger.

Then discussed some main features of these types of story:

  • Written in 2nd person

  • Main character on a quest - what's the goal or mission?

  • Choose a genre - action & adventure, fantasy, mystery?

  • Dangerous locations

  • Dilemas & choices to face. Presenting options

  • Create dead ends in the story - restart

Then it was time to have a go at writing our own. We drew maps of our locations:

  • Poppy C: an abandoned hospital (haunted)

  • Berry: an abandoned child thrown in the sea, or, falling off a ship & the mermaids rescue you

  • Poppy M: a village. Who dunnit. Who’s the thief?

We had a go at using the story dice to add twists and turns to our stories. Presenting high stakes options - to create drama in our adventures. Excellent adventures all round!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone next week - our final session of the Spring Term!

Summer Term begins on 20th April 2024

Sign up for free at https://www.forest-arts.co.uk/event/young-writers-group-summer-24


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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