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19 October 2020

Posted by Tabby Hayward


12 attending

This week, in our last session before the half-term break (and Halloween!), of course we had to have an Autumn-themed Bake-Off!

As always, we had a Signature Challenge, a Technical Challenge, and ended with a Showstopper!

Here's a breakdown of each of the challenges...


Use all 5 senses to write a
description of AUTUMN.

It can be about autumn in
general, or a particular aspect of autumn that you like/don’t like – e.g.
Halloween, Bonfire Night, Harvest Festival, falling leaves, pumpkins, fireworks,
shorter days, cosiness, hot chocolate, frost, etc

Try to cover sights,
smells, tastes, textures and sounds.

Try to make it
personal/give us an original angle on autumn – what it means to you – perhaps
particular autumn traditions/likes/dislikes you have

You can write it as a prose
description/short story/poem.



Spooky edition!

Write a
spell/charm/curse/recipe for a potion, inspired by the examples.

You can decide what
sort of effect you want your spell/potion to have -e.g. it could be a love
potion, a spell to give you lots of money, a curse to put on your worst enemy
to make frogs follow them wherever they go… Up to you!

Think about the form of
your poem – how can you make use of rhyme/rhythm/listing/repetition?

What about language?
Can you come up with similes/metaphors/alliteration?

You might even want to
include a kenning (joining two words together to form a metaphor)

E.g. side-stiches – cramps

whale-road – sea

sky-candle – sun



Write a piece of
flash-fiction (super short story) with the title – TRICK OR TREAT

You can interpret this
however you like (it doesn’t have to be about Halloween)

Some TRICKS you could
include: plot twist, flashback, cliffhanger, change of perspective, foreshadowing,
a big reveal!

Some TREATS you could
include: vivid descriptions of characters/settings, similes/metaphors, strong
narrative voice, a satisfying ending

And here's Helen's brilliant poem for the 'technical'!

Silvering Potion

Spun-silk of spider’s silver web,

The dried salt of water’s ebb,

Silver birches softened trunk,

Treasure dredged from galleons sunk.

Essence of ghostly figure’s shine,

Melted jewellry’s beautiful wine,

Barrels of inks flow to glow in the dark,

Pendants of Dauphin silver, the hair’s taming arc.

Have a lovely half term break - we'll be back on Monday 2nd November!


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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