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11 June 2022

Hollywood Pitches

Today was the first week back after half term and we had a extra excitement of seeing the amazing 'FANTASTICALLY GREAT WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD'

In preparation for the show, in our workshops today, we created pitches for movie or theatre biopics celebrating the lives of a selection of women throughout history. 

We split up into groups and choose our fantastic women's names out of a hat

Our 11-15 group were writing about


Emilie Pankhurst (whose daughter wrote the book version of Fantastically great women)

Mary Anning

We encouraged our writers to get as creative as they wanted. They had to use facts but they could time hop or fictionalise elements of the story to make it more engaging for an audience.

The results were all really different.

We had a performative re-enactment of Bodica's funeral with audience interaction.

A musical about time traveling, motorbike riding suffragettes crashing through primary school windows to rap about rights for women via a penguin narrator.

A modern reimagining of Mary Anning as a YouTube content creator selling fossils and rocks in her own company Big Rock(copyright).

And an account of the mysterious disappearance of Agitha Christie

There are some photos of the work that was created and performed below.

Our 15-18 group selected

Lady Gaga 

Mother Teresa 

Agatha Christy

We had some really creative responses 

Lady Gagas life was imagined as a family guy style spoof of fame called 'Gucci 2 - even Guccier' 

Mother Teresa was tried in a court to have some of her not so motherly qualities exposed.

And then we had a diary entry from Agatha Christie from a day in her life.

Image 1: under the table where the best raps are written and performed by a penguin

Image 2: Serious Planning of Boudica's funeral

Image 3: The world's most famous penguin rapper

Image 4 and 5: The script for a televised reenactment of Boudica's funeral

Image 6: A suffragette Penguin's rap


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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