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24 April 2023

Posted by Tabby Hayward

Sandwich Shop Blog - On a Roll!

Warm up: what sandwich would you be? Think about choice of bread (or roll/panini/wrap), filling, any amendments (e.g. no mayo, extra tomato, toasted or not etc)

From Tess: You are what you eat. I am a chickpea wrap, simple but complex. Made up of so many different bits all tucked inside one whole.
Other sandwich concepts included a wholemeal roll filled with cotton wool, slightly dishevelled BLT, and sandwich spread ("beige with a zing!") 

Invent the character who orders this sandwich:
-name, age
- where they live, work
- have they been here before, why have they chosen here, are they meeting someone, what time they come in
-why have they chosen this sandwich (allergies, dietary restrictions etc, price, meal deal, etc)

From Tess: Daisy wants to get a chickpea wrap because she needs some source of protein before going for her daily run in the park. A lot is going on, she's in a rush. So much work to do, so many bits and pieces of work to get done in deadline season. No time to make lunch at home because the grind just keeps going. It's deadline season, it's hot girl summer prep season too. Gotta get everything right. A 22 year old about to finish uni should be on top of their game. 
Daisy studies food science to become a dietitian, because she loves food. But she needs to get into shape for future clients to trust she's any good. So in her free time she runs, exercises, reads papers for uni and applies to jobs. Cooking would be nice to incorporate into her everyday but she's just so busy... Once the wrap is down, flavourless as all the food she's consuming at the moment, she can continue with the important stuff again.

Everyone briefly introduced their character - out loud or in the chat - and there was a fantastic line up! All of these characters would now meet at the same sandwich shop - brilliantly named 'On a Roll' by David! We worked together to come up with an order in which the characters would meet each other, and then each writer wrote the scene/description of their character in the sandwich shop encountering someone else's! We read them (mostly!) in order, to create the whole story of 'On a Roll'! We're delighted to share Tess' piece with Daisy the dietician encountering Veronica's character, Shuba the legal assistant, for now - but here's a glimpse of the order, to give a flavour of this eclectic mix of characters!

Daisy the dietician - encounters Shuba the legal assistant
Shuba encounters Dodie, the school cleaner who is in love with Sally who works at the sandwich shop!
Dodie meets Mr Thomas the supply teacher
Mr Thomas meets Willow the journalist
Willow meets Pierre the construction worker
Pierre meets Steve the hostage negotiator
Steve meets Kay the ornithologist
Kay meets Daisy the dietician

From Tess: Her heavy bag bouncing on her back, muscles still aching from yesterday's leg day at the gym, Daisy dashes out of her university's library. She just handed in her essay on the psychology of sugar and has to start another essay this evening to keep up. To say she's stressed would be an understatement. But she's got to stay on schedule: lunch first and then a run. 
She starts scanning the nearest streets for a sandwich shop to grab a protein-packed lunch. A new shop just opened here recently that she hasn't tried: On A Roll. Daisy actually feels like she, too, is on a roll today, so it's the perfect place to go. Once inside, she goes straight to the counter and orders a chickpea wrap- a whole grain wrap of course- with no mayo and lettuce. It's quite busy for this time of day. She really ought to wake up earlier to have breakfast earlier and then have lunch earlier on her schedule. A note for later. 
Her order seems to be taking ages to prepare. Daisy slumps against the wall slightly, next to a woman she's seen many times before on her lunch breaks. In this part of town there aren't many options. The woman is always pristinely dressed in a smart suit with an expensive looking briefcase. A real power woman. Someone for Daisy to look up to, usually. But today the woman seems lost in thought, it looks like she might even burst into tears.
Best not to ask, Daisy thinks. No time for chats while she has work to do. Luckily, her name and order are called out and she is quickly on her way again. Off to continue ticking things off of her endless to-do list. 


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