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09 January 2024

Posted by By Tabitha Hayward

New Year's resolutions - for the bad guys!

To start off the new year, we discussed new year's resolutions - did we make them, and if so, what might we resolve to do in 2024? Answers varied from playing less video games to revising for A Levels! 

Next, we discussed some famous villains, and what might have made them become the bad guys - before creating some new villains of our own, with villain names, where they live, who their sidekicks/cronies/pets might be, what might have turned them evil, and what their greatest ambitions were... Then, the young writers came up with new year's resolutions for their villains - which could be for good, or evil!
Here's Gene's brilliant rhyming poem about his villain and their new year's resolution...

It is 2024 and I'll start this year off with a bang,
But not the loud excitement thing, that would be too jovial for my plan.
First of all, the greatest of all, no excuses like this and that,
Sitting in a chair in the darkness all year round has gotten me rather fat.
So from now on, forever and ever, I will work out every day,
And no matter how busy I am I will always fin a way.
Second of all, and I promise I won't fall for temptation,
I promise I won't be as greedy when taking lives from the population.
Lastly, and I'm sure I will definitely understand,
Is to go outside for once because talking to myself is driving me mad.


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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