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21 November 2023

Posted by Carla Hall


On 21st November young, curious minds gathered at MAST Mayflower Studios for another weekly session of Mayflower Creative Writers. Notebooks were filled with stories, conjured from prompts given by Dominic Green. 


Dom delivered a point of view, buckaroo session, where we rewrote a scene from a different character’s perspective. If an additional character was not present, we had to improvise with the character’s surroundings. 


To begin with, we compiled a list of our favourite novels and films:


·      Beauty and the Beast

·      Harry Potter

·      The Spiderwick Chronicles 


Next, we recreated our chosen scene against a 10-minute timer. The responses were varied: 


·      The scene from Harry Potter where Hermoine drinks Polyjuice Potion and turns into a cat, was rewritten from the perspective of a judgemental mirror hanging in the bathroom. 

·      The scene from Beauty and the Beast where Belle wants to leave the castle, was rewritten from the perspective of Chip – her newfound, infamous rogue. 


Moving on, Dom handed us three, random words which we made into simple sentences. These were then added together to make a story about a man names Fred:


·      Beginning sentence: He called to say I’m sorry.

·      Setting: a spooky, haunted mansion.

·      Character: Fred (no additional context).

·      Extra sentences: Ivy broke through the window. But I threw his cake in the bin. The spider crawled under the door.


Our main task was to recreate Fred’s story, but from the perspective of someone or something else. 


Fred’s story was now seen from the perspective of an angry spider unhappy with his presence, a frustrated ex-girlfriend wondering where he’s been, and a miserable cake tired of his complaining. 


The debate of the session was whether Fred was good or bad, we decided that it depended on who you asked.


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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