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16 May 2022

Posted by Susmita Bhattacharya

Junior Writers' Club Jubilee Street Party

Attendance: 8

Our Junior Writers planned a street party for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Each one decided on what food to bring to the party, and here is the collaborative poem. I really wish we could make this happen because we were all very hungry by the time we finished writing this poem. Enjoy!

For our Junior Writer’s Club street party, 

to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, 

I will bring Masala Chai with the finest, sweetest sugar

 and Gulab Jamun cake with whipped cream

 and a cherry on top at a perfect angle

I am proud of what my mum has made

Because it is quite extraordinary for the Queen. 



I am going to bring a milk chocolate ice-cream with a flake dripping

With chocolate and giant puddles forming

I feel like I just want to explode

With the tastiness stuffed inside of me. I bet it will taste




I will bring Strawberry truffle topped with 

delicious homemade fresh Vanilla cream

When you smell this delicious aroma

you will become addicted to it and when you start

 you can’t stop eating it 



I will bring an American hamburger

Freshly topped with mouth-watering cranberry sauce

Made by the top two professionals. Easy right? And it’s not hard

So don’t be harsh, enjoy the burger

Because it’s lush! 



I will bring a chocolate muffin will delicious cherry

 at the top and sweet chocolate in it 

53 people will tastedit and I’m sure 

everyone will love it 



I will bring strawberries but with a twist

The twist is that I have injected chocolate sauce into it

And I hope that everyone likes it.

After all, it took me quite a long while

Those strawberries are ripe and red,

And the chocolate is cold and beautiful,

And slightly rich.

I swirl whipped cream all over them,

And I’m tempted to squirt some cream into my mouth!



I will bring rasgulla and gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream

With a flake and chocolate sauce on top. 

When you put it in your mouth, goosebumps will appear

And with the best perfection

It is made and you always want more,

So do enjoy it. 



For our JWC street party 

To celebrate the queen’s platinum jubilee

I will bring

Pizza with topping 

Of onion sweetcorn

And so much more 

Because the base is filled with tomatoes to the core.

So why not try a little

As it won’t hurt

When it is the Queen’s jubilee

As she goes down in history.








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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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