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07 April 2021

Posted by Megan Laing

Intern Blog 2 - Writing Processes

Through my internship at ArtfulScribe, it’s been fascinating to see and discuss how different people approach their writing in unique ways. As I discussed with Poetry Ambassador mentee Eve Wright, I think it's because - at least, when we discovered our passions for writing

The world of writing seems so small when you start. It’s just you, your laptop or notebook, and the thing that inspired you to write in the first place. Then, it becomes theory books and competitions and writing prompts and pinterest boards and writing groups and so much more. 

My writing journey began when I was little and an author visited my school. That evening, in the after-school club, I wrote my first picture book and took great pride in showing everyone how much effort I’d put into writing this story. Of course, as a six or seven year old, to be told you’re good at something is hugely motivating. It’s strange to imagine what would have happened if I’d never showed anyone that story, or the author visited a different school that day instead. Would I have discovered writing at a different time and would I have been so passionate or committed to it?

Writing process is as unique to a person as their own fingerprint. One in particular that has stuck with me over the years is that of Roald Dahl and his writing shed. The chair with the hole in the back, the green writing board, Another is Stephen King (a personal favourite of mine) who aims to write six pages a day, who sits in the same seat at around 8am after a cup of tea. Or Haruki Murakami, who wakes up at 4am to write for five hours then runs ten kilometres in the afternoon.

Of course, the writing process differs based on the content. For example, I would not use the same mind map in front of me or planning for my fiction writing as I would for writing this installment of my intern blog.

In a recent interview, Poetry Ambassador mentee Eve Wright described one of the benefits of the programme on their writing process as being able to branch out and explore whilst having the stability and guidance of their mentor, Romalyn Ante. They also said that: ‘I need a sort of linear timeline, to organise it because writing isn’t a very organised thing. It’s nice to have a set time to focus on writing and to block out this time to actually do it’.

The idea of a developing method and writing process is quite an integral theme to the Poetry Ambassadors project as a whole. Taking talented young poets and, not only providing a source of constant support and feedback, but also providing them with a safe space to experiment with their craft to facilitate growth is particularly important. Especially when, now more than ever, young people are encouraged to prioritise employability over passion. 

This was something that also plagued me quite a lot when deciding my career path because I always knew I wanted to write, but would most likely be boxed into a job where writing and creativity would be an out-of-hours hobby. Luckily, I’ve found a job that allows me to explore content writing alongside creative writing. Being involved with a company like ArtfulScribe, one that actively encourages and promotes creativity, has also been teaching me about the inner workings of the Arts industry, a behind-the-scenes look at areas I’d never even considered. 

In summary, my internship with ArtfulScribe has provided invaluable insights on elements of writing as a craft, a profession and a hobby, all of which are extremely affirming for young people - like myself, like the Poetry Ambassadors mentees - hoping to pursue writing and develop their process as they go on.


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Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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