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30 November -0001

A Round Trip

We’re sticking with the simple exercise produces great work theory at the moment. Last week we began the group by talking about the Hero’s Journey, finding examples of stories where a hero leaves home, has an adventure, and returns home. We talked about how the adventure, or journey, changes the hero in some way. Then we moved on to examples of circular journeys we find in the lived world, ranging from the changing seasons, to a bus route, to the water cycle. We talked for a while about these different types of journeys and each member of the group chose a subject to write around. Below you can read a wonderfully musical response... 



By Angie Hook 

Infinitesimally small. A cold, dark atom of moisture caught in a vortex. Suddenly not alone. Bigger, becoming visible in the atmosphere colliding, growing heavy, heavier. 

Soon to rise, warm, whipped into candyfloss clouds, jostled together by unseen currents. Rolling, drawn towards land. Consolidated, darkening, sweet tangy ozone fills the air, saturation reached, releasing droplets to fall earthbound only to be drawn up, held deep within. 

Winds strengthen, forcing clouds up mountain slopes, fronts meet, clouds crash, pressed, whipped together surface tension weakens, great drops pulled by the wind, shaped by gravity, falling, falling to hit rock, tree, bone splatter up to fall again. Drops collect in petals, cracks. Holes filling spilling over. 


Rivers running the land twisting, turning, boiling, foam catching branches, carrying boulders relentlessly cutting new courses through steep sided valleys, engorging flood plains, breaching levees. Energy released the river slows stones tumble into new resting places. 


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Our blogs

Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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