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New Dates: Aspects of the Novel - ArtfulScribe

28 July 2022

This 6-month course, taught by award-winning novelist and tutor Joanna Barnard, will cover all aspects of novel-writing from generating ideas and impactful openings through to finishing with style and seeking representation and publication.

The course is aimed at anybody who has some experience in writing and has always thought they might have a novel in them; or anyone who has already started a novel and needs added motivation to finish or to knock an early draft into shape.

You will have the opportunity to explore different styles, genres and techniques to help enhance your own writing; you will evaluate and improve your writing through workshops with an supportive group of peers. Alongside techniques around character development, point of view, and pacing, we’ll also explore the practicalities of re-drafting and editing, and presenting your work professionally when approaching agents, competitions and publishers.

In addition to a monthly 3-hour class, there will be guest readings and Q&As with authors and industry professionals, and at the end of the course you will be invited to submit the first 5000 words of your novel to Joanna for detailed feedback, which will include a one-to-one discussion.

All sessions, one-to-one or group, will be hosted via zoom so you will need a reliable internet connection. We do hope to host a celebratory in-person get-together at the end of the course.

After the course...

"...I have written several thousand words, and I have a better idea on how to structure my novel."

"...I have a clear idea who my main characters are and why."

"...I've got lots of material researched and ideas developed."

"From the point of zero I have some scenes, a plot outline and list of characters. I have a much stronger idea of how the story can be told and what will have to be left out."

Cost: £495

As part of Artful Scribe’s wider effort to increase participation in the arts, there are a limited number of concessionary places available for this course.

Full sign-up details, including fee payment, will be forwarded on acceptance to the course.

Contact to express your interest. Please do so by 21 October.

All classes will be held on a Friday morning from 9.30-12.30 and will be a mix of taught lecture (which will be recorded and can be accessed later), and interactive workshop.



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