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30 November -0001

The Summer Chorus

The Summer Chorus

A Community Poem

Sunrise birds singing in the trees,

the sky overcast, a silver lining

of summer rain falling on flowers.

A rose as delicate as lace, a summer

carpet of bluebells, cloud moving

away and the smell of damp ground.

Walking barefoot, I feel a slug

soft and wet between my toes.

A fresh sun glistens the poppies

like a ruby, and I am free -

bare feet, grass darts and daisies.

Aeroplanes leave lines in the sky,

hearts open and turn to the sun.

Lying in the fresh cut grass, a large

gin & tonic, and watching the bees

collecting bright, yellow pollen.

The scent of wildflower, beautiful

butterflies flutter above my head.

I reach for them, a summer breeze

gently blowing through the trees

carrying the smell of BBQ and blossom,

sandy sandwiches, ice cream dropped

on sandy towels, tongue licked fingers,

wiped faces; socks and shoes can wait

while the rest of the world walks by.


This week everyone who attended the Wellbeing cafe at The Henry Brown joined in with a writing exercise, and contributed to the above poem. The prompt was ‘Summer - flowers opening’ and the task was to write up to five sentences, one for each of the senses. All told, there were twenty or so people who joined in. Later that morning I collected everyone’s words and put them together in the poem you’ve just read.  


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Our blogs

Regular news and insight from our many poets, writers, educators and facilitators

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