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Over the next two years, SO:Write will be working with Mayflower Theatre, John Hansard Gallery, and Southampton Libraries to offer high profile residencies that elevate the profile of writers and writing in the city. Each residency is scheduled to last a year and is based on the lead writer engaging with the host organisation for a day a week, and using this time to respond creatively to host venue’s schedule of events. Writers in Residence will deliver outreach workshops and produce a new body of work that celebrates their tenure, delivering lasting legacy to be published by Headlight Press. Residencies will be advertised nationally through outlets including the Arts Council jobs newsletter, NAWE newsletter, New Writing South, and Literature Works websites as well as partner marketing and distribution networks and social and local media. To make sure you don’t miss out on any announcement, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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03 August 2022

Writer/Facilitator Wanted: Mayflower Young Writers & Mayflower Junior Writers

ArtfulScribe and Mayflower Engage are looking to appoint a versatile writer/facilitator to lead Mayflower Young Writers and Mayflower Junior Writers. Weekly...

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