Door-to-Door Poetry with Rowan McCabe

28 October 2019


Three years ago, Rowan McCabe became the world's first
Door-to-Door Poet. Knocking on strangers' doors, he asks
what is important to them; he then goes away and writes a
poem about this, free of charge, before bringing it back
and performing it on their doorstep.

Through this bold and arguably stupid act, he hopes to
prove that anyone in the world can enjoy poetry. The
project has been featured in the Guardian, on BBC
Breakfast and was named 'Best of Today' on BBC Radio 4.

Through a funny and thought-provoking mix of spoken
word and theatre, Door-to-Door Poetry charts the full story
of Rowan's adventures around the North East of England,
including his visit to a mosque in Newcastle and his trip to
Kingston Road in Stockton, the location for Channel 41 s
controversial documentary Benefits Street. Completely out
of his comfort zone, Rowan stumbles into a series of
unlikely events that question fixed notions about the world
we live in. Discussing isolation and prejudice in today's
society, this show asks a simple, yet vital question: Can
we trust strangers?

This show is part of the Scratch and Spit series of showcases in partnership with Apples and Snakes, ArtfulScribe, and The Lyric Theatre, supported with generous funding from Arts Council England. A limited number of open mic places will also be available.

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